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Is it even an option now to develop and plan consumer led activations without integrating measurable actions that aim at achieving a genuine dialogue with your consumers? I think its terribly risky, from a brand’s standpoint, to not consider such a vital possibility. 

In a saturated media landscape where the average consumer is exposed to thousands of messages from TV, Newspapers, Radio and above all Social Media; marketing tactics and communication strategies have taken a different turn. One that requires brands to listen, observe and identify where exactly are the consumers, where can we meet them, what is trending with them, how to draw their interests around our products and services and what is the best medium to reach them. 

If you don’t talk to your customers, how will you know how to talk to your customers” Will Evans. This rings so much of truth. The undeniable reality is that it pays no one to craft and execute any reliable and rewarding consumer led strategy without knowing that it will stick. We all have an idea of who our target audiences are, and we certainly know their demographics, but do we know what they like and don’t like, their values, aspirations, how they like to be approached, what motivates them to embrace and stay loyal to a brand! 

Creating environments where we facilitate an ongoing dialogue and a one-on-one exchanges with customers is the way forward. This will allow not only to build a personalized relationship with a brand’s audience but will aid in spreading good-well about the best practices of the brand. Remember, one satisfied customer can become a brand ambassador and rope in more footfall.  

We are in such a competitive marketplace that marketers and brand custodian cannot afford to just blast away messages and create hype that will most likely push away consumers. Today’s consumer have become selective and do not appreciate being told what where and how to buy a product or a service! They can select the type of information they want to hear / receive and easily block those that they wish to avoid. In this fast technology-oriented environment, we are in a position to easily hand-pick information that is applicable to us and filter through the clutter. And so, to remain relevant, brands need to customize their communications to directly respond to the needs of their customers through a more personalized approach. 

Yes, of course social media is a key platform, but a brand’s communication can no longer just rely on campaign and product/service-based posts, the number of likes and comments! There is an imminent need to move towards establishing platforms where personalized conversations are available for customers to have an instant reach to the brand.  

As a customer, I will be inclined to remain a loyal customer with a brand that not only listens to my likes and preferences but also one that is within reach when I have a need, one which responds in a timely-manner, one that is responsive and have the infrastructure to engage with my requirements in a personalized fashion. 



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