Is AI already Everything……

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Well yes, from the looks of it, AI is indeed becoming everything! If it is not talked about in meeting rooms or widely debated amongst executives, then it is secretly brewing in the minds of big shot decision makers who move and shake growth oriented & innovative organizations.

The Dubai Ai Everything 2019 further reinforced that Global AI is leading the conversation across sectors and industries. The reality is that, shying away from Disruptive Innovation is like welcoming the demise of gaining competitive edges and the prospect of new business opportunities. 

AI keeps gaining momentum and its importance, has allowed it to be fine tuned in the quest for perfection. So much that, businesses are presented with new opportunities to maximize growth and enhance quality in productivity.

A study from  Accenture  predicts that “AI could double annual economic growth rates in 2013 by changing the nature of work and creating a new relationship between man and machine”.

New Time Saving Technologies 

One thing that is common to man, as it involves development, is the fact that man continuous to develop technology. Sometimes, it is a new kind of technology and at other times, it is   improved versions of old technology. The basic idea is that every year, we are introduced to new technological advancements that seek to dwarf their predecessors. And we can say for sure that in the very near years to come, whilst AI continues to be empowered, technologies are going to be implemented in a way that would greatly influence many things, from marketing to consumer or user experience to construction to medicine.

The major thing to take note of is that in 2019, technology as it has always been designed to do, will serve to save our time and reduce the amount of attention or time we have to give to getting work done. And then, maybe we can really profess “time is money”. Most of the technology that are being released now, would be based on the already existing digital revolution and they would spread across enough disciplines and areas, from medicine to marketing. If you are not already hyped about the technological spectrum of 2019/2020, then you should be, because it is almost here, and it is going to change human interaction to a large extent.

Augmented Reality Influences User Experience and Consumer interactions 

Soon, we would witness augmented reality being implemented across board, on several areas of human life. In marketing, augmented reality or AR would be implemented on improving user experience and interaction, and feedback would be much easier to collect and act upon. This would save time in the sense that it would be easier to tell whether a restaurant, for example, serves the best food or not, simply by experiencing their meals through augmented reality. This time, it is not just fancy graphics or compelling copywriting. It would be customers tasting, smelling and hearing. 

In medicine, augmented experience would help medical practitioners experience the pain of their patients, aiding easy comprehension of their plight and ensuring faster and more effective administration of treatment. One of the banes of medical practice is that it is often difficult to diagnose the main problem of patients from their description of the symptoms. However, with augmented reality, medical practitioners will be able to really experience the pain of the patients and diagnose it without much hassle.

Time-Saving Apps are Emerging in Heaps 

Over the years, we have seen innovative developments introduced into the market to aid people in different areas, in the running of their businesses. We have seen apps like Slack, Uber, Expensify, Digit, Evernote, etc., and how they help make work faster and easier. In this current future, there would be more apps released to make work even faster and easier. This technology would be based largely on artificial intelligence. These applications would help business owners run multiple social interfaces with their markets and track progress and sales effectively.

Animal Focused Technology

This AI heavily influenced era,  is set to be the year when some animal focused technology would be launched into the market. Things like pet tracking devices – Amazon is expected to launch a pet tracker next year – would serve the purpose of finding lost pets and monitoring the movements of your pet. This technology, which is already in the works at Amazon, would change the way pet owners’ control and protect their pets.

There are endless reasons to get us excited about the future of AI, and whilst we all only focus on the progress and productivity these machine driven solutions will bring us, yet a lot could be at stake! For example, will AI ever have the passion and human drive to deliver quality over quantity? Will it ever be as curious as man? 

Well, time will tell! But for now, lets all go with the flow and embrace the wildly celebrated notion that….

“AI in business is the way forward”


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Is AI already Everything……

Well yes, from the looks of it, AI is indeed becoming everything! If it is not talked about in meeting rooms or widely debated amongst

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